Free exchange rates for just about every currency in the world. Updated every five minutes, with easy to use navigation. Developers, check out our API details if you'd like to use our currency rates in your applications.



Thanks to Owen for pointing out that the JSON link was slow, I've remediated this now. The database eseentially slowed to a crawl, I've made a quick workaround and I'll make some further changes in the coming days to resolve the issue permanently


We've recently surpassed over half a million API requests since the site was born! Right now, we're serving up around 23,000 requests per month and over 800 per day. That's fantastic news for a site that I've never marketed! Again, I'd love to hear from you if you're using the API or just comments about any improvement (which are coming soon BTW, cross site requests included).


We had a few hours of downtime, sorry about that, issue fixed and controls in place to prevent it from happening again!


I think I've enabled cross-site reqests for the JSON file, please test if this is something you're interested in and let me know how you get on (hello @


We had some issues with some null value being returned in the API, but these should be fixed now, apologies!


Features! Check the API page, we hope these are useful!


Historical rates! Check the documentation, note it's considered beta at this stage