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This page outlines some of the amazing things people are building with our API (more to come)

App Name : Time/Currency Converter pro

This app is made with the frequent traveler in mind.

- Nice animated clock with local and home time

- currency converter with automatic selection of the currencies

- works offline

- accurate location via GPS coordinates

iTunes App or Website

App name: Ushuaia Movil

A great app is now using the getexchangerates.com API

It's a city guide, specifically for Ushuaia City in Argentina, the worlds most southern city!

It shows ATM locations and also Dollar/Euro quote of the day, which uses the API

Check it out by clicking here

Units Wizard: Unit Converter

Convert distances, currencies, temperatures and more with this lightweight and intuitive application!

Some features include: Offline currency conversion with 140+ currencies and List mode to compare units at a glance

Click here for the Android app