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You can always grab the latest JSON formatted currencies from the latest.json link. You can also request a list from symbols and names from the currencies.json

You can also request a different base format, for example: latest.json?base=EUR will return all rates using the Euro as a base (try it)

You can also request a a specific set of currencies: latest.json?currencies=EUR,GBP will return only the Euro and Pound (and also the base, the US dollar) (try it)

You can request currency names now with latest.json, for example: latest.json?include=names will return all rates using the Euro as a base (try it)

You can combine several of the latest.json options now, for example: latest.json?include=names&currencies=GBP,EUR,ZAR (try it) or latest.json?base=EUR&include=names&currencies=GBP,EUR,USD,COP (try it)

You can now request specific conversions and have it returned in json format: /api/convert/20/usd/gbp will return in json format the current value of 20 US dollars in pounds (try it)

**Beta feature** You can now request historical rates, for example: /api/historical/2015-02-27 (try it). Note: right now, we are only returning a subset of available currencies, planning to add the full set in the future - check out the response if you need to see which currencies are returned. Note 2: if the date requested dosen't exist, for example a weekend or a holiday, an error will be returned (example). Note: data available from 4/Jan/1999.

DateTime is in UNIX Epoch format and rates are updated every 5 minutes